The camp site is idyllically situated right between the Furulunden nature reserve and the 800 m long Sjøsanden beach. The camp site is open between Palm Saturday and September 15th.

All guests have access to our modern sanitary block with showers, toilets, washing machine and dryer. There is also a disabled toilet.

The camp site has its own playground for children and a communal kitchen. See also the list below and the map on the right.

We do not take reservations for the campingsite.

Map references:

  1. Information
  2. Grocery / fast food
  3. Sanitary block
  4. Chemical disposal
  5. Water slide
  6. Sjøstjerna kro
  7. Motel
  8. Cabins
  9. Holiday apartments
  10. Minigolf


Tent 1-2 Pers. 120,- NOK
Tent 3-6 pers. 160,- NOK
Lavvo 180,- NOK
Campervan memb. pack. 260,- NOK
Campervan -> 8 Meter 190,- NOK
Campervan 8 Meter -> 230,- NOK
Car/caravan 250,- NOK
Bus/coach 270,- NOK
Car 80,- NOK
Combicamp 180,- NOK
VW bus 150,- NOK
Motorcycle 40,- NOK
Adults 40,- NOK
Children 20,- NOK
Electricity 40,- NOK
*Caravans longer than 6 meters are charged the same rate as buses.